Comparing iPhone 13 Pro Max Prices: Standard vs 1TB Edition in UAE


iphone 13 pro max price in uae

The iPhone 13 Pro Max, the latest flagship offering from Apple, has garnered significant attention since its release. With its powerful features and sleek design, it has become a desirable choice for many consumers worldwide. In the UAE, where technology enthusiasts eagerly await the latest gadgets, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is no exception. However, with the introduction of the 1TB storage option, consumers are faced with a choice: stick with the standard configurations or opt for the larger storage capacity at an additional cost. In this article, we will delve into the differences in prices between the standard iPhone 13 Pro Max and the 1TB edition in the UAE, helping consumers make an informed decision.

Standard iPhone 13 Pro Max Pricing

The standard iPhone 13 Pro Max comes in several storage configurations, including 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. The prices vary depending on the storage capacity chosen. In the UAE, the starting price for the 128GB variant is typically AED 2599, while the 256GB variant is priced at AED 3844 and the 512GB variant at AED 3844. These prices are subject to change based on various factors such as taxes and import duties.

1TB Edition Pricing

With the increasing demand for higher storage capacities due to larger file sizes from photos, videos, and apps, Apple introduced the 1TB edition of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. This variant offers four times the storage capacity of the base model, catering to users with extensive storage needs. However, the additional storage comes at a premium price. In the UAE, the iPhone 13 Pro Max with 1TB storage is priced at AED 6799, making it the most expensive option in the lineup.

Comparison of Prices

When comparing the prices of the standard iPhone 13 Pro Max configurations with the 1TB edition, it’s evident that there is a significant price difference. The 1TB edition commands a premium of AED XXXX over the highest standard configuration (512GB). While the additional storage may be enticing for some users, it’s essential to consider whether the extra cost justifies the need for more storage.

Factors to Consider

Before deciding between the standard iPhone 13 Pro Max and the 1TB edition, consumers should consider several factors:

  1. Usage: Evaluate your usage patterns and determine whether you genuinely need the extra storage. If you primarily use cloud services for storage or don’t store a large number of photos and videos locally, the standard configurations may suffice.
  2. Budget: Consider your budget constraints. The 1TB edition comes at a considerable premium, so ensure that the additional storage is worth the extra cost.
  3. Future-proofing: If you anticipate your storage needs increasing over time due to factors such as higher-resolution photos and videos or the installation of large apps and games, opting for the 1TB edition might be a wise investment to future-proof your device.
  4. Resale Value: Keep in mind that devices with higher storage capacities often have better resale value. If you plan to upgrade your device in the future, the 1TB edition may fetch a higher price on the secondary market.


In conclusion, the choice between the standard iPhone 13 Pro Max configurations and the 1TB edition in the UAE boils down to individual preferences and requirements. While the 1TBedition offers ample storage for power users, it comes at a significant premium over the standard configurations. Consumers should carefully evaluate their usage patterns, budget constraints, and future needs before making a decision. Ultimately, whether it’s worth investing in the additional storage capacity depends on how much value you place on having extra space on your device.

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